Devon Island (Canadian Arctic) 2010 and 2012

I went to Devon Island and Cornwallis Island, in Nunavut in far northern Canada, to set up my artificial hypoliths experiment at the Haughton Mars Project, a NASA-funded research station founded by Dr. Pascal Lee.

Wing on Cornwallis Island 640Camp 640

The first time I was only on the ground there for a few hours.  I had caught a free flight up there on a New York Air National Guard training flight.  The second time I spent the whole field season as part of the core team.  A Waitt Grant from the National Geographic Society paid my way.Plane crew midnight arrival 640

It looks like a desert in the summertime, and it is one.  The sun never sets at all so you have to get used to sleeping in the daylight.Old cemetary Resolute Bay 640

I sure am grateful to Dr. Lee for bringing me here.Pascal and Ping Pong smallThule ruin smallInuk small

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