Packing for the Himalayas

I am going to India; specifically Ladakh which is high up in the Himalayas.  I’ll be there to participate in the NASA Spaceward Bound India 2016 expedition:

The pencil point shows where I'll be. It's in India, but very close to Tibet and Pakistan.
The pencil point shows where I’ll be. It’s in India, but very close to Tibet and Pakistan.

Astrobiologists study life in extreme environments here on earth, like hot springs, deserts and mountaintops.  I’ll be going with some of them.  I will have to miss the first four days of school!  To my new students:  I am very sorry.  I don’t usually do this.  See you very soon.

What to bring?

One set of artificial hypoliths to deploy for Drake High’s worldwide hypolith project
GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver with extra batteries
blood oxygen meter with extra batteries
Li-Cor Quantum Radiometer/Photometer
Digital camera with charger
Laptop computer with power cord
plug adapter for Indian electrical sockets
data stick with files, presentations
binoculars, field notebook + pencils
Scale model of solar system to use on school visits
business cards
Copy of Peter Matthiessen’s The Snow Leopard
water purification tablets and hand sanitizer
PASSPORT with Indian Visa, watch, wallet, money, house key
Lots of paperwork!
Sun hat, bandana hankerchrief, sunglesses, sunscreen
day pack and water bottle
hiking boots and socks
thermal underwear, wool hat, rain gear
clothes and bath kit.


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