Grants for Science Teachers

Here are some particularly promising sources of potential funding I have identified and their deadlines. This organization is worth following:

(I apologize if some of the links have changed or are no longer current!  This is a long list; I need to update it soon.)

Plan to apply?

NOAA’s California B-WET program funds meaningful K-12 watershed education experiences
The California Coastal Commission’s WHALE TAIL grants fund coastal and marine education projects from small amounts up to $50K.  They have over 300K to give out.  November deadline.
The Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation gives grants of $1,500 for innovative environmental education.  September deadline.  Didn’t get one in fall 2012, apply again?


Grants I received:

The ING Unsung Heroes Awards Program gives awards of $2K – $27K for innovative classroom projects. April deadline. I was awarded one of these in 2013.

The NOAA Ocean Guardian School Program  gives grants of up to $4K for Ocean stewardship projects.  You can re-apply for more $$ in subsequent years.  Max. 30% stipends, 30% field trip costs.  ~40% equipment & supplies.  May 1 deadline.  Tsunami trash & elephant seal projects.  We were awarded this in 2013.

California Fertilizer Foundation School Garden Grant Program offers 24 grants of $1,200 each.  January and June deadlines. I got a grant from this organization in 2012.
The National Geographic Society’s Waitt Grants and Committee for Research and Exploration Grants are not intended for teachers, but I applied for and received a Waitt Grant in 2011.
PG&E’s Solar Schools Program for northern and cental California gives “Bright Ideas Grants” of up to $10K (March and September deadlines), 1kW photovoltaic systems (September deadline) and offers free one-day training for teachers on solar energy.  I received a “Bright Ideas” grant in 2010.
The Amgen Corporation’s Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence (AASTE) gives grants of $5K to the teacher and $5K more to the school. February deadline. I was given this award in 2009.
Toshiba America Foundation “The Foundation strongly encourages projects planned and led by individual teachers or teams of teachers for their own classrooms. Many successful grantees have designed projects that tap into the natural curiosity of their students, enable students to frame their own scientific questions, and incorporate the expertise of community partners.” Deadline August and February for large grants (over $5K) – grants under $5K any time. I received a grant from the TAF in 2009.

The Drake Fund (only for teachers at Sir Francis Drake High School, my institution) gives grants of a few thousand dollars. There is an early spring deadline.  The Drake fund supported our White Mountain project, hypolith project, bristlecone pines project, elephant seals project and independent science research class before the outside agencies did.  THANK YOU Drake Fund for getting us started!

Grants I applied for but did not receive/ probably won’t try again:’s Mars Education Challenge gives grants of $2,500 – $5,000 for lesson plans about Mars.  December deadline.  Struck out in 2012; try again if is is offered again (looks like it is defunct?)
The Verizon Foundation gives grants of $5K – $10K  October deadline.  Applied 2012 SEAWARD charter.  Didn’t get it.
The United Soybean Board’s  offers a $5000 Excellence in Biotechnology grant.
Lowe’s Toolbox for Education for school gardens has a February deadline.

Target awards 5000 grants per year of up to $700 for school field trips. “Easy online application.” September deadline.

Some other time?
The EPA Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators requires three letters of support and has a January deadline.

The National Environmental Education Foundation offers a number of grants & awards, including the Richard C. Bartlett Environmental Education Award.  This is a single award for $4K.  June deadline.

BP’s A+ for Energy Program gives grants of $5K – $10K for projects that teach about energy and energy conservation. Only certain counties in certain states are eligible. March deadline.  Not sure if this is still offered.
The Marin Municipal Water District gives Teacher Action Grants of up to $2000 to cover direct expenses for school garden projects in Marin County. There are similar programs for Contra Costa and Alemeda counties.

Chevron Fuel Your School Program

The National Weather Association gives $500 classroom grants to improve the teaching of meterology. June deadline.

The Captain Planet Foundation environmental grants for schools (up to $2500) December deadline.

Motorola Innovation Generation Grants especially fund after-school and science summer enrichment programs. Spring deadline. Average grant size is $30K!

The Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams grants give up to $10K for inventive high school projects.

The Sunchips/ National Geographic “Green Effect” contest awards five prizes of $20K each for Earth-saving ideas. This is not just for schools. Individuals and community groups are eligible as well, so the competition is fierce. You can’t pin your hopes on winning this one, but it never hurts to apply. June deadline.
The Shell Science Teaching Award has an October deadline. One award, $10K .  Three letters and a DVD!  Not special projects.  Too much?
The Toyota TAPESTRY Program gives multiple grants of $10K each (and mini-grants of $ 2.5K) for hands-on science projects. January deadline.  Apply to charter SEAWARD for S. F. Bay Unit?  (This one seems to have been discontinued, but I will check back.)

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