Michael R. WingWelcome! I am an author, scientist and full-time classroom teacher at Sir Francis Drake High School in San Anselmo, California.

This site is all about opportunity: for high school students and young adults, and for teachers.  In fact, it’s for anyone who loves adventure and learning by doing and wants to do some fieldwork to discover something new about the planet we share.

Students and parents should check out these lists of cool opportunities for high school and beyond, and why there’s so much more more to life as a young adult than just going to college.

For teachers, I want to share my experience in winning grants and spots in programs, getting students involved in real science, publishing books and original research, exploring summer opportunities, and traveling the world for free.

My high school students and I have several ongoing research projects (all outdoors) that have won awards and been published in peer-reviewed academic journals.  If a high school  teacher and a couple of his students can do original, published scholarship in biology and archaeology (like our bristlecone pines project and our stone line project) then probably anyone can.  Maybe one of our projects will give you ideas.

If you have ideas and suggestions, or know about opportunities and programs I’ve overlooked, I’d love to hear from you!

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